It’s Maa-e-Ri for Kalpana >>

Bhojpuri Queen – Kalpana Patowary is ready with her first Hindi album titled, “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature”. She has been working on this album for the past four years and has composed songs as well, besides co writing songs along with Sandip Nath of Page 3 and Sawariya fame. “I was in my first month of pregnancy when I began composing songs for Maa-e-Ri, and a lot of it was inspired by my motherhood.” My music video was to release by the end of 2011 in India but now the album has been pushed forward and will see a March 2012 release. The delay is because I want to take the music video to the festival circuit and promote the video all over the world”. “Maa-e-Ri – a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature”, with a unique concept has been nominated for BEST MUSIC VIDEO category in the esteemed Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival 2011, Lucknow. This music video is to compete with 9 International films  like La Poesie De Kiyumi, La Broderie de Sayuru – Japan, Fresh Sucide – Uk/ India, Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca Se Olvidan – Spain / Argintina, Caudo Truena –Spain, Delete – Iran, Viktoria – Russia, The Astronaut on The Roof – Germany. “Maa-e-Ri has a universal message of motherhood where Kalpana plays symbolically the human race with an inquisitiveness to know the unknown, searching it in NATURE. There’s a deep wound in people that they have been so cut off from the source of their being– their mother, Earth Mother”. We are so caught up in these modern times that we forget about the laws and principles by which we should live. Once we know these laws and drift from them, we get in trouble. Now, we really are in a troubled situation with raising natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, global warming or glaciers melting. Mother Earth is reacting towards our disrespect for her. Now is the time to reconnect with Mother Earth. How we treat Mother Earth will affect the children yet to be born. Let’s consciously think about the generations to come, Let Nature be our Teacher says Kalpana.

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