Metallica concert: The heroes of the day.

The hunt for the opening bands for the Gods of Metal is over. And the demigods are…FOR most metalheads, watching James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo perform live is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But for artistes, opening for the Gods of Metal is their most ambitious dream. So when Talenthouse India kickstarted the ‘ Taking Pole Position’ competition on September 19, to hunt for the bands that will open for Metallica on October 28 in Gurgaon, a scream rang out and a maddening scramble began.

On Friday, Still Waters and Guillotine were declared the winners. “ Over 250 bands participated in the competition, either by uploading their video link on www. in or by mailing us their video entries. A jury comprising one member from Talenthouse India, one member from MTV India and one member from Noise Associates went through every entry to shortlist the top 25,” said a Talent house spokesperson.

Critical analysis of previous original work and their energy levels brought eight bands closer to sharing the stage with their idols. But opening for Metallica and an opportunity to play three tracks live in front of a demanding crowd wasn’t going to be this easy. The elimination rounds began on October 19. Eight bands took part in a four- part TV show on MTV before a jury comprising of Anushka Manchanda, Nitin Malik, Clinton Cerejo, Ehsaan Noorani and Dhruv Ghanekar. Vinyl Records and Modern Mafia were the first to go in the first two rounds. “ The opportunity to open for Metallica is important because all of us have idolised them at some point in our lives and would be extremely happy to play with them. A bigger reason is that this show along with Formula 1 in Delhi, is probably going to be one of the biggest live shows India has seen. This will provide us the experience, the platform and the recognition that few Indians bands will get for a long time to come,” said Anish Menon, guitarist of Black, one of bands that was shortlisted. A little bit of nerves and a tough fight is probably a good indication of what the concert has in store for the 30,000 music lovers expected to attend the concert. For the Bengaluru Metallica concert, over 250 bands have registered in a talent hunt show by MTV, to headline the opening act by Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro, The immensely popular Scottish band recently went gold in the UK with their fourth album, Puzzle. Not bought your tickets yet? Go to www. metallica. com and click on the Tour tab

Headbang your way there

Ride The Lightning is a Mumbai- Bengaluru- Mumbai Metallica road trip. A bus will leave Mumbai on October 28 at 8 am and reach Bengaluru on October 29. It leaves for Mumbai on October 31 and reaches on November 1. The road trip costs Rs 3,500, which includes travel and accommodation.

CALL: 09833156989, 09769736401, 09969711130 A group of bikers are riding from Mumbai to Bengaluru for the Metallica concert and the ride is open for all with no charges. Confirm your presence by dropping a message with your name, age, bike make and model, bike registration number, current location and email address.



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