Salman and Kareena have great chemistry.


Director Siddique says his film is a complete package with emotions,romance,action and lots of drama.

Bodyguard director Siddique is confident that his film will be a complete entertainer for the audiences.Im confident about my subject, the super performances by all the actors and a package consisting of all the necessary ingredients needed for a commercial entertaineraction,emotion,humour,and good music, he says. But, he’s naturally a bit tense too,considering the high expectations people have from this movie. I can’t let down Salmans audience especially since his earlier three films were lapped up by his fans.I have to maintain his stardom and satisfy his followers. 

In the original Tamil and Malayalam versions, the hero was not macho, they were both soft and romantic. But in the Hindi version changes were made because of Salmans image. It is a pukka Bollywood movie, it is not a Malayalam or Tamil movie talking in Hindi. You will never feel that it has been adapted from the South. But,Bodyguard is not an action film, action is there in the background. It is essentially an emotional, romantic drama with lot of humor. Siddique admits that he was a little nervous initially about directing a star of Salmans stature.But Salman is a very friendly and open-hearted person so I never hesitated in giving him instructions.Kareena is a great performer. Her character is very consistent throughout. She watched both versions where Nayantara and Asin had played the female lead, but she has done it in her own style and wanted to retain her identity. I am lucky to have got three talented actresses to play one character.Salman and Kareena share beautiful chemistry. Both are very competitive and they complement each other.
Khan always had a clear vision about his costumes and body language. Says Siddique,he had been observing the bodyguards of a lot of VIPs. Wearing a Bluetooth headset was his idea. He would also improvise on certain situations. For instance, when actor Rajat Rawal goes to the girls hostel at Salmans instruction and is beaten up by the girls,he points out to him standing outside the hostel. As per the scene, Salman had to duck down when Rajat points out at him. Instead,he ducked down and crawled like a baby and that made the scene funnier.






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